Forget self-driving car, just get it to valet park

Chris Brewer, Chief Program Engineer, Ford Autonomous Vehicle Development worries too much in the future. How does Ford get a vehicle to do all a human does behind the wheel by 2021?

Even if Ford successfully builds a totally self-driving car, will it be publicly accepted? Hmmm.

What everyone would really like is a car that you didn't have to go out into the parking lot to get when it is raining and your arms are loaded with groceries.

Guaranteed, the first time a driverless car comes from its parking space to the front door of the Whee Bee Dee Bee grocery and Ma loads her packages, gets in and drives away, everyone will be clamoring for one.

So, Mr. Brewer let's cut the nonsense of totally replacing a person behind the wheel and give us something useful now, convenience everyone aches for, an autonomous valet. It's the next step up from keyless entry.

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