Prepare to fight the zika mosquito

The Aedes mosquito, responsible for zika, dengue, yellow fever and the chikungunya virus, now ranges across the U.S. all the way up to Tennessee. Prepare now to protect yourself and family from diseases once confined to tropical areas by gaining critical knowledge from this free online course Preventing the Zika Virus: Understanding and Controlling the Aedes Mosquito.

How fast is the smartphone market growing?

Apple alone sold more iPhones in 4th quarter 2015 than all PC makers combined sold desktops, 74.8 million to 71.9 million (Source: "The iPhone's new chip should worry Intel"

Facebook refaces the heap with Haskell

Facebook's new Haskell-powered rules engine answers a million requests per second. How significant is this? Consider that the average website accommodates from 8 to 480 requests per second on a shared account. [read more...]

Richer with PHP7 powered Wordpress

Keeping and converting visitors to your website means loading content fast. [read more...]

What that wordTM


[read more...]

Be twice amused check new, used auto values

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