Who's movin' on Harvey relief efforts: Convoy of Hope and Church Unlimited (Source: San Antonio Express News).

1 How to protect your car when the fuel starts flowing

The EPA relaxed rules on gasoline blending, allowing up to 15 percent ethanol blends to ease the fuel shortage caused by Hurricane Harvey. Is this good or bad for your car? Well, it is good that alcohol attracts and dries up moisture, but it is bad that ethanol, which contains alcohol, is a strong solvent and drying agent that wears out engine parts.

Even worse for your car's fuel injectors is the silt that will likely end up in your gas tank. Hurricane Harvey inundated disaster areas with water carrying loads of fine silt. And silt can be suspended in any solution and carried far.

Here are three tips to try and keep your car safe from fuel damage over the next few months:

Umpft. Roll on.

2 Buffalo Bayou: Key to Houston's Flooding

To grasp the magnitude of flooding in America's 4th largest city, you need to know what the Buffalo Bayou is.

Houston from the banks of the Buffalo Bayou (Source: Harris County Flood Control District).

The City of Houston was founded along a waterway called the Buffalo Bayou (Source: University of Houston Digital Library Special Collections).

Map of Buffalo Bayou watershed (Source: Harris County Flood Control District).

The Buffalo Bayou watershed contains 106 miles of open waterways running through Harris and Fort Bend counties. After draining from many residential areas into downtown Houston, it opens up into the Houston Ship Channel.

Now you have a quick understanding of the terrain that makes the Houston area prosperous and precarious.

3 The Great Texas Floodout

“The breadth and intensity of this rainfall is beyond anything experienced before,” statement from the National Weather Service, August 28, 2017 regarding Hurricane Harvey.

Dayton, Texas received 39.72 inches of rain in just over 3 days. See Storm Summary Message 8-29-17 from NWS Storm Prediction Center.

Gas shortages loom. One-half of suppliers dealing with flooding. See Platts Factbox: Refineries now facing brunt of Harvey-related flooding.

How will Hurricane Harvey affect cotton crops? Read also All hands to the gin.

Scroll down on Drovers to see the police-escorted cattle drive through Dayton, Texas to higher ground.

4 Check car prices

Be twice amused checking new, used truck and car values with Edmunds.

5 What that wordTM

deluge - heavy rain. Online Etymology says from Latin "diluvium" meaning flood, inundation.

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