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1 E-commerce Alert

Written by Brenda Flinn, May 2017 

ALERT - If you assume you are buying online from a USA-based seller, that may not be true. You could be purchasing a product from a foreign seller who imported to a state-side fulfillment center. The likely result is that your wages go overseas never to circulate in your community bringing jobs, lowering taxes, and yes, funding little league.

What to do about this cash drain? Take time to find out where the seller of a product resides. It is so vitally important. accounts for 43 cents of every dollar spent online (source: Nick Warren, New York Times). And almost anyone anywhere can become an Amazon seller.

2 Check car prices

Be twice amused checking new, used truck and car values with Edmunds.

3 What that wordTM

meta - with, among (Strong's)

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