Easy homemade valentine treat

How to make Mini Baked Alaska: brownies, ice cream, whipped marshmallow, and add red sprinkles.

Need a stress buster?

Watch David Attenborough's 2-minute video of a pod of dolphins enjoying their day.

Dana Lewis won't wait on FDA

A Type I diabetic, Lewis uses open source software to help regulate her insulin pump. Listen to her inspiring talk on the role of open source software and Raspberry PI in self-care.

Thoracic surgeons at Toronto General Hospital employ Novalung device to save life of young mother.

The team of doctors assembled brought extraordinary talent to bear out this once impossible procedure. Novalung is a medical device not approved for use by the FDA, largely due to poor corporate documentation procedures.

What that wordTM

Go Devil - well it's not a cheer for Duke University! The Go Devil is a 4-banger that powered Willys Jeeps in WWII. Auto engineer David Tracy takes a look inside. Also, Tracy removes the transmission and rebuilds it in his 1948 Willys CJ-2A restoration project.

crawl ratio - you'll encounter this term in Jeep advertising. What exactly does it mean? Automotive engineer David Tracy has the best explanation. He also discusses why small tires might be better than bigfoots!

Be twice amused check new, used auto values

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