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Chuck credits others with Medal of Honor

“I didn’t do it by myself. There were some 74 pilots and crew members involved in this whole mission that day. They did their job, above and beyond. So the Medal is not mine. It’s theirs.”

Huey pilot Lieutenant Colonel Charles Kettles received the Medal of Honor from President Obama on July 18, 2016. This is his story.

May 15, 1967 started as a hot Monday morning. Soldiers from the 101st Airborne were battling hundreds of heavily armed North Vietnamese in a rural riverbed called Chump Valley. Above the riverbed rose a 1,500-foot-tall hill, and the enemy was dug into an extensive series of tunnels and bunkers. Our men were outnumbered. They needed helicopters to get the wounded out and bring more soldiers into the fight. Chuck Kettles jumped into the cockpit and took off. [read more...]

Boron to Butterflies, King Ranch Fortune Advances Nanoscience

Written by Brenda Flinn, July 10, 2016

Nine ton Helenita works around the clock without complaint discovering new nano materials or visualizing butterfly wings in the Kleberg Advanced Microscopy Center at the University of Texas San Antonio (UTSA). No matter the specimen, Helenita takes the work patiently, one atom at a time. [read more...]

What that wordTM


Study of inland water: circulation, light, heat, algae, dissolved oxygen, shoreline vegetation, etc. Central Texas is paradise for the budding limnologist. [read more...]

Be twice amused checking new and used auto values

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