1 Why Anyone Still Thinks Email Is Private?

Email Tracking - This article is long and varied, but wading through it will help in understanding just how much information can be taken from your emails.

2 Women in Math Power Space Exploration

Math skills discover black holes, put men on moon

3 GOJO for the Home

GOJO is well-known in the garage, now bring it into the home. Best hand cleaner around. No more messy, drippy soap.

4 Free with Audible Trial Membership

Listening to books is all the rage. Try out Audible now.

5 Top Ranked Books in Amazon Biography

Summer reading season is near. Here are four top ranked books in Amazon Biography.

6 What is a healing ministry?

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter defined it as more than aiding physical well-being. He said a healing ministry was "promoting peace, justice, freedom, basic human rights, forgiveness of others, and the alleviation of suffering."

7 Why Have a Democracy?

Democratic processes provide checks and balances on ego.

8 New Demand for Embedded Engineers

Written by Brenda J. Flinn, July 28, 2018

Self-driving, self-flying whatevers are creating new demand for embedded software engineers. What are the requirements?

The first requirement is MATH, preferably for electronics. Ho, ho, good ole math! All the way to calculus (algebra, linear algebra, geometry, trigonometry and then calculus).

The second requirement is C programming language. Use it at the hardware level and really understand memory.

Third, know the Linux OS systems architecture.

Nividia for autonomous vehicles advertises for expert C, C++ skills. Opener Aero advertises for the same with microcontrollers. Both want real-time systems, Linux development, and low level communication protocols (CAN, SPI, I2C, UART) familiarity.

Finally, learn the world of sensors. All information coming back to a computer for processing is likely to come from some type of sensor.

Learn more by reviewing these Six Questions You Always Wanted to Ask about Embedded Engineers.

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