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1 Means of extinction ever present

Written by Brenda Flinn, April 2017

Everyone in Central Texas expected a robust bluebonnet bloom this year. Grasses green, rivers full, temperatures moderate. But the bluebonnets burst forth a month early and are now rapidly heading to seed. April is when bluebonnets are supposed to dot the highways and fields!

Now imagine the bluebonnet petals as forage for a migrating animal herd. The herd arrives in April to find most of their food gone. Suddenly, the herd is thrown into a crisis for survival.

And this happened in the midst of what seemed perfect conditions.

Biologists refer to the great mass extinctions. Environmentalists condemn building developments. But I think the means of extinction are ever present in micro. Even more reason to learn the cycles of nature and set watch to intervene during periods of disruption.

2 Check car prices

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3 What that wordTM

pistis - faith, elpis - hope, agape - love (Mounce Greek translation)

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