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1 Can the mighty American consumer wage peace in North Korea?

Brenda Flinn, March 24, 2018

We can effect peace. Avoid consumer goods made in China to keep our money and our men and women in uniform home.

China provides North Korea with 90 percent of the rogue missile testing nation's imports.1 And China maintains a 56 year old treaty of mutual defense with North Korea.2

If China's economy soured because Americans boycotted their products, China might have less to prop up North Korea.

It's an easy choice to make. Send gift cards to folks rebuilding after weather events. Eat out at local restaurants. Visit family and friends. Trade baseball cards. Play the piano and sing. Just don't send one dollar to a Chinese made product.

1 Council on Foreign Relations
2 Wikipedia

2 Tuque, how are you?

Making progress ever slowly, thank you. Manatee Center hurricane recovery on Go Fund Me is over half amount requested. You can be a species conservationist by participating in their rebuilding (photo from Puerto Rico Manatee Conservation Center).

After 5 years of rehabilitation, Tuque the manatee returns to the southern coast of Puerto Rico

Isolation of Puerto Rico's manatees affects survival odds

Posts about Puerto Rico Manatee Conservation Center

Centro de Conservación de Manatíes de Puerto Rico

3 What that wordTM

deluge - heavy rain. Online Etymology says from Latin "diluvium" meaning flood, inundation.

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